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'The Piping Guide'  2nd Ed 1991

284 pages,  
as a printed book.
 Piping Guide

The 'PIPING GUIDE' is a time-saving reference for the design and drafting of industrial piping systems, comprising illustrated text with extensive tables and charts.

The "PIPING GUIDE' clearly explains the subject of Piping Design, step-by-step, from initial requirements to the final drawings used for construction.

Used worldwide, everywhere piping is designed and studied, on the job, in training programs and courses, the 'PIPING GUIDE':

discusses in detail the design and drafting of piping systems

describes pipe, piping components, valves and equipment

presents charts, tables, and examples for daily use

provides a design reference for companies and consultants

supplements existing company standards and data

serves as an instructional aid


 The 'PIPING GUIDE' has 2 sections 

      Part I - TEXT  &  Part II - TABLES

       Part I - TEXT: explains......

Techniques of piping design
Assembling of piping from components, and methods for connecting to equipment
Office organization, and methods to translate concepts into finished designs
Terms and abbreviations concerned with piping

         Part II - TABLES: provide......

Frequently needed data and information, arranged for quick reference
Factors for establishing widths of pipeways
Spacing between pipes, with and without flanges, and for ‘jumpovers’ & 'rununders'
Principal dimensions and weights for pipe fittings. flanges, valves, structural steel, etc.
Conversion for customary and metric units
Direct-reading metric conversion tables for dimensions and data
A metric supplement with principal dimensional data in millimeters


     "…the bible of piping."

     "...this excellent reference manual."

     "…wish I would have had this book 20 years ago."

     "...the most comprehensive design book I have seen."

     "...your extraordinary Piping Guide is an essential aid for the piping designer"


     "...each section dissects its subject point by point.....A good example of the 

          volume's thoroughness is Section 6: [The Design of  Piping Systems]"


     "There is no doubt it is a mine of information"




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[ "....a 'must have' technical book for
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